Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consisting of 5 to 7 Directors governs the policies and strategic priorities of the Society and ensures the funding received is spent efficiently. The Board may control and direct the business of the Society and may, by resolution determine its own procedures. All members are appointed by the Minister of Justice. Applications to become a board member can be found here:

Reg McGinty, Chair

Reg joined the Board of Directors in January of 2021. He was born and raised in Mayo and grew up living off the land. Reg has always been a fierce advocate for the improvement of access to justice and was interested in becoming a member of the board due to his strong belief that all individuals facing the justice system deserve a fair shake. Reg felt privileged to be able to have managed a treatment center for two years and provide drug and alcohol counselling services to adults and youth. He also worked with Warriors Against Violence and for approximately ten years worked with troubled youth while running warrior camps at the same time. Reg has extensive experience working with individuals facing the justice system and enjoyed working for the Whitehorse Correctional Centre acting as a bridge for inmates and staff, promoting and participating in talking and sharing circles, and meeting directly with inmates. He is a lifelong martial artist and when not busy working he spends his time lifting weights, playing hockey or baseball and enjoys spending as much time as possible out on the land.

Kate Mercier, Treasurer

Kate joined the Yukon Legal Services Society Board of Directors in 2018 and has participated on the board’s policy committee since 2019. She sought a position on the Board because of her belief in legal aid’s importance as a public service to Yukoners and her desire to support the essential work undertaken by legal aid’s lawyers. 

Eden Alexander

Eden joined the Yukon Legal Services Society Board of Directors in January of 2021. She is Counsel for Justice Canada in the Whitehorse Office, where she provides litigation and advisory services to federal ministries, departments, and entities. She has an enduring interest in reconciliation, equity and access to justice and sees the good governance of public institutions, such as Legal Aid, as integral to each. When not working and volunteering in the legal community, Eden can be found on a bike, in a harness, on skis, and/or being pulled by her dog Otis through remote parts of the Yukon.

Amy Ryder

Nearly 20 years ago, Amy moved to Yukon from Alberta. Her career has been diverse–working in the not-for-profit, government and private sectors. She is trained in biology, regional land use planning and professional communication management. A common thread in all her positions has been a passion for understanding and integrating policy, legislation, and the Final Agreements into her day-to-day business. Amy has a deep commitment to ensuring all people have fair access to our administrative justice system and that her time on any board is served with professionalism and impartiality. Outside of work and volunteering, Amy finds great joy in spending time with her twin daughters, her giant dog, and outside birding.”