Other Law

Mental Health

Legal aid can appoint a lawyer to help you if you are dealing with a mental health matter and you are being held in the hospital under the Mental Health Act. A legal aid lawyer can provide legal advice and represent you at a mental health review board hearing. In most cases, Yukon legal aid provides mental health legal services free of charge, and you do not need to go through the process of applying for coverage.

Civil Law / Social Justice law

Civil or Social Justice law covers issues such as CPP, Employment Insurance or Income Assistance. Assistance in these areas of law start with a merits assessment. If approved, we can provide eligible applicants with legal advice where liberty, disability benefits, or housing is an issue.

Matters Not Covered


What Legal Matters are not covered by legal aid?

Without limiting the following list, YLSS does not provide legal aid services in the following matters:

• Real estate

• Change of name

•  Wills and estates

• Bankruptcy

• Power of attorney

•  Libel, defamation, and slander

• Commercial litigation

• Divorce

• Division of assets

• Obtaining a peace bond

The following matters require a merits assessment, in addition to an assessment of financial eligibility:

1. Appeals of:

a. Criminal matters by the accused;

b. Family law interim orders; and,

c. Interim, temporary, or final Child Protection orders.

2. Family law:

a. mobility or relocation applications;

b. spousal support; and

c. variation applications.

3. Criminal law Supreme Court bail review; and

4. Mental Health Act judicial review.