Criminal Law

Full Representation:

A legal aid lawyer can be provided to you to help you with your criminal case if you are financially eligible and meet our merit based qualifications.  To see our eligibility criteria click here:

Duty Counsel

If you need help at court, we can provide a duty counsel lawyer to help you in docket court when you make your first appearance who can adjourn your matter so you can apply for a lawyer, speak with the Crown on your behalf, explain the nature of your charges, and more. Duty counsel is a free service available to all Yukoners, regardless of your income.

If you are in custody after being charged with an offence and are facing a bail hearing, we can provide a duty counsel lawyer to assist you with your bail application.  This is a free service available to all Yukoners,  regardless of your income.

Legal advice by telephone (Brydges overnight service)

You have the right to receive free legal advice from a lawyer 24 hours a day. If you have been arrested and legal aid’s offices are closed, you can speak to one of our duty counsel lawyers by telephone, free of charge. Our phone number is posted in all Yukon RCMP detachments and will be provided to you upon arrest.

Youth Criminal Law

If you are a youth (age 12-17) who has been charged with a crime you are automatically eligible to receive a free lawyer.  You can also speak with our duty counsel lawyer at your next court appearance, who can assist you with the process of applying for a legal aid lawyer.

Circuit Court

Legal Aid provides defense counsel for all circuit courts held in the Yukon. Court circuits are generally held every 6 to 8 weeks in 13 communities. The length of circuit court ranges from 1 to 3 days depending on the size of the community; this does not include travel time.

Circuit Court Calendar